In Brazil: Meet 10 Destinations Almost Deserted and Ideal for Hippies and Adventurers

By Laís Oliveira | Translation: Isabela Jordão

Caraíva (Bahia)

For those who do not like crowded beaches, full of stalls, restaurants and street vendors, it is possible to find peace in different corners of Brazil. In these places it is possible to find almost deserted or little frequented beaches, that are ideal places if you like to camp, explore, visit idyllic places, just relax or even visit cannabis-friendly spots on the Brazilian coast.

Access to them is more complicated, which is exactly one reason that explains the lack of fuss. But in most cases, the beauty of the landscape is worth any effort. Check out our list:

Caraíva – Bahia

Peace, privacy and beauty. 70 km far from Porto Seguro International Airport, south of Bahia, Caraíva is an area of ​​environmental preservation, has streets covered with sand, with no motor traffic, beautiful beaches, traditional houses, campsites, cozy inns and good restaurants that attract people who integrate with nature and look for preserving the environment while keeping local charms intact. Excellent option to rest, get in touch with nature and, of course, enjoy the beautiful beaches and a river bath at dusk.

Cedro Beach – Ubatuba / SP

Ubatuba is full of beaches well visited by tourists, but Praia do Cedro, the most beautiful, is a bit more reserved and, often, deserted. It is necessary to make a small trail to reach the place or go by sea. The beach has white sand and crystal clear waters, perfect for diving. At certain times of the year it is possible to see migrations of turtles, dolphins and even whales. A separate show.

Ilha do Mel – Paraná

Ilha do Mel is the prettiest destination on the coast of Paraná, with preserved beaches on the streets, just sandy trails, an ideal place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The Grotto of the Encantadas is located in the south of the island and is the most important natural heritage of Ilha do Mel, nestled among black rocks, with about 10 meters in length. As it is an ecotourism destination, the attractions are its beaches, trails and some historic buildings. An ideal place to relax and stay Zen.

Matadeiro – Santa Catarina

Praia do Matadeiro is an area of ​​environmental protection with calm sands, but the beach has strong waves, and is more frequented by people who love adventures, like climbing and long trails. Protected by difficult access, the 850 meters of Matadeiro Beach are surrounded by the hill of the same name. With few summer houses, only during summer season some bars and restaurants do open.

Havaizinho – Itacaré / Bahia

The rich Bahian coast also has empty beaches. This is the case of Havaizinho beach, in Itacaré. The name already says where beauty has an influence. Access is by trail, but it is smooth. Only 10 minutes and it is already possible to come across the charms that the beach offers.

Cumuruxatiba – Bahia

Located on Costa das Baleias, in the extreme south of Bahia, Cumuru, as it was affectionately nicknamed, is surrounded by miles of unspoilt beaches, devoid of visual or noise pollution, cut by rivers of clear water and very quiet. It is a simple place with beautiful shallow, calm and warm watered beaches. Those have huge cliffs, coconut trees and Atlantic forest in abundance, which provides a great contrast of colors in its unforgettable scenery.

Cacimba do Padre – Fernando de Noronha / Pernambuco

Despite being the favorite spot for surfers, Cacimba do Padre beach is practically deserted in the period of strong waves — great for surfers (from December to March). The waters are transparent green and full of marine life, the sand is clear and soft, and the native vegetation of the hills advances over the beach. In summer, the waves reach five meters. Good place to enjoy the sunset.

Itaúnas – Espírito Santo

In the 1980s, Itaúnas, the beach hidden by mounds of fine golden sand was discovered by backpackers and is still preserved today. Thanks to the creation of a state park in 1991, nature has changed little and continues to show mangroves, streams, giant dunes and stretches of the Atlantic Forest. And the dunes are the attraction of the place, with 2 km long, up to 300 meters wide, peaks 35 meters high and a city below, they are true untouched archaeological jewels.

Chapadão Beach – Rio Grande do Norte

A place of great extension and beauty, it is considered one of the refuges of Tibau do Sul, in northeastern Brazil. Its stunning look is a charm for those who visit and can admire the place from above the cliffs. To reach the beach, it is necessary to walk down through improvised stairs. In summer, it usually receives visitors who find a great option for a peaceful day at the beach, either relaxing or taking a refreshing swim in the sea.

Patacho Beach – Alagoas

Located 100km from the capital, Maceió, almost deserted and perfect for a quiet day, Patacho turns at low tide and wins, at that time, the heart of any visitor: the sea dries up, and you have to walk hundreds of meters to reach natural pools. It has a privileged location, with easy access (although not signposted), but it is not much explored. You will certainly not be disturbed by other bathers or street vendors.

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